Wing Walker (The Swooning Moon Saga 1) by M.T.Finnberg

Wing Walker (The Swooning Moon Saga 1) by M.T.Finnberg

*** A girl with a quest to find a sage dragon. Everybody knows dragons can alter reality…Everything could still change. ***

After the Alliance bombed eighteen-year-old Cassie’s home world, only the megalopolis Capitol survived under its blue dome. In the wilderness, among thousands of broken-down amusement parks, awaits a harsh world: dragon poachers raid the air, while gangs of youth pace the marshlands looking for magical items to sell for a few coins.

Cassie just joined the scavengers. She is heartbroken from a tragic accident, but on Swooning Moon, everybody knows dragons can alter reality. All she needs is a sage dragon’s Oath…Right?

More used to dragon-singing at her parents’ opera house, she doesn’t exactly know how to fit in, but she finds an ally in Jay Tachebana, rascal son of the most affluent mobster, who flies around in samurai attire in his father’s billion-dollar racer craft hunting dragons.

When Cassie and Jay venture deep into uncharted grounds, they discover there’s a good reason why Swooning Moon is encased in guard spells–and that reason is awakening.

Readers on Goodreads have said:

(4 stars) “…definitely worth picking up and reading!”

(4 stars) “Wing Walker ‘s got it all: dragons, hippogriffs, unicorns, magical crystals and ether connections. … Cassie is a person everyone would want in their life: kind, attentive, thoughtful, empathic. … An easy definite read for dragon lovers.”’

(4 stars) “There is intrigue and danger on almost every page, i wanted to be on this adventure with Cassie. … If there was a second book i would definitely read it only to find out what happens AFTER.”



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