Red Nexus Epub


Red Nexus follows Wen Harkwell as he fights his way to the top of Vertical City Tokyo to save his brother.


The Vertical City is a harsh mistress

In this cyberpunk series, once part of the Tokyo elite, Wen Harkwell lost his status when his mother died, and now he’s forced to labor in the depths of the city, far from the easy life of the Heights, struggling to support his thirteen-year-old brother Sammy. By day he toils in a factory and by night he digs for scrap in the infamous Heap under the city. One night Wen is drawn to an old book he finds and risks taking it home—a quick decision with devastating consequences.


Soon after, Sammy is kidnapped, and when Wen turns to a friend and coworker for help, the two find themselves embroiled in a secret high-tech operation that will stop at nothing to maintain their ciphered code. When Wen realizes that the same corporation connected to his mother’s disappearance is behind the attack, he knows he must do whatever it takes to save his brother—even if it means working for the enemy.

In the vein of William Gibson and A. A. Attanasio, Benoit Chartier’s Red Nexus is a dystopian cyberpunk adventure full of fascinating technology, fast-paced action, and plenty of heart.

Also available as a physical copy.

The sequel to Red Nexus, Blu(e) Node, will be available March 1st 2020. Click here to pre-order now!

What the critics are saying:

“The writing in Red Nexus is superb. There is nothing else you can really say about it. A lot of science fiction writers rush through the story, focusing on the plot at the expense of the setting. This is not the case in Red Nexus. Benoit Chartier knows that in order to get into the story, you must first get into the world. I loved Wen. Through all the trouble and hardship, he retains a nobility that anyone can relate to. All the other characters are as equally fleshed out. Good or bad, we can see their motivations. We can cheer for them or boo them, but we cannot stop reading about them. That is what a good book is all about.” -Ray Simmons for Reader’s Favorite


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