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A Philosophical Guide for Everyone

Universal Wisdom is an entertaining, unique, and thoughtful self-help personal development guide to life. Battling his own challenges, Benoit Chartier spent ten years of his life writing this book as way to help guide his children through the highs and lows of existence on this planet. In a no-holds-barred dialogue, Benoit addresses love, hate, religion, drugs, philosophy, social economics, the universe itself, and our part in keeping it all together, to name a few. He tackles issues that most people think, but are afraid to talk about, and makes one take stock of their own lives. Although the book was originally intended as a ‘handbook to life’ for his children, this is a must read for everyone.

A moment of personal development soul-searching

Universal Wisdom was written at a time of deep reflection in the author’s life, and a desire to ascribe meaning to said existence. It came to be over a period of ten years, with fresh realizations coming to flesh out a growing corpus of thoughts and insights. “Life is experiential”, being one of the main themes. “Forgiveness is a balm to those who forgive”, etc. It may sound like bumper-sticker philosophy, but much delving has gone into a coherent thought process that drive the author to go on in this world.

What it all means

Even though there are no definitive answers for the things we look for, there are better questions. The author seeks to force himself to ask those questions to improve himself. Without trying to sway the reader, he offers choices in his own decisions, and leaves the reader to make up his own mind about the choices he/she/they take, thus, personal development.

What the Editor said:

I am a bit biased, because I edited the book, but the whole time I was doing so it challenged my thoughts about my own life. It’s a must read for everyone.” Fiona Plunkett, Editor

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