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A kid’s book for children of all ages

New kid’s book: One evening, when Flintebetty Flonagan is returning home, she comes across a curious poster on a wall. “Booger Hunter’s Apprentice Wanted” it says. Piqued by curiosity, she hurries off into the woods to discover what that might entail.

Thessalonia Bird, the original Booger Hunter, will take her on an adventure throughout the realm. From bog to firy pits to marshes and more, Flin Flon will learn to overcome her fears to be of service to creatures in need of assistance!

This wonderful kid’s book is illustrated by JuanBJuan Oliver and written by Benoit Chartier, and will take your child to fantastic realms to show the benefits of kindness!

What the critics are saying

“This was one of the most creative children’s stories I’ve read in a long time. The thought of that there could be a special type of hero that fights boogers never occurred to me. I was as amused by this idea as I was by how Flin Flon reacted to the idea of becoming a brave booger hunter herself. While I can’t go into detail about that part of the plot without stepping into spoiler territory, it was filled with twists and turns that made me smile…

…One of my favorite things about this book was that none of the monsters in it were at all scary. Their relationships with Mrs. Bird were surprisingly warm and friendly. This was a major reason why I set the age recommendation so low. Flin Flon and Mrs. Bird covered a lot of ground on the first night of her apprenticeship, but all of it was rather wholesome stuff that I thought preschoolers would appreciate just as much as older kids would.

The Booger Hunter’s Apprentice was a delightful adventure that I’d recommend to anyone who has ever had their nose wiped or needed to wipe a little nose clean.” -Long And Short Reviews

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