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What’s Green Matrix about?

A sacred family heirloom is taken, and Datu Salazar makes it his mission to retrieve it. Even if it means sacrificing his life.

In Green Matrix, growing up in the infamous Sector 14, Datu knows hardship. His father died doing the same job he, and most other Filipino expats have been doing for hundreds of years. Dredger in the Heap for long hours and terrible pay. This never stopped Datu from doing right by his family. When his covetous boss takes a shining to his family’s Ayo, he knows he must get it back, no matter what the cost.

Police Special Inspector Mariko Ishikawa: sent to investigate the disappearance of a wayward Companion, but what she discovers could potentially upend all of Chiba Prefecture, and threaten the Vertical City.

Called to the dangerous lower levels of Chiba City, Inspector Ishikawa only can only rely on herself. This, especially in a place where even the police fear to tread. When a young man comes to her for help, she allows herself into a devil’s bargain in exchange for the info she needs to find the missing android- before it goes on a rampage.

Hideki Saito: a hired corporate gun whose mission is to find the leak within DaiSin Corporation. Uncovering the truth might very well cause its downfall.

Hired by the CEO of DaiSin, Wen Harkwell himself, Saito finds himself charged with uncovering the data leak which is sinking the corporate ship. Still reeling from the company’s loss of private governance intel, his mission is of the utmost, and secret, importance. In jeopardy by sources within and without the company, Saito must stay steadfast to overcome the heavy burden Harkwell placed upon him.

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