The Calumnist Malefesto and Other Improbable Yarns


The Calumnist Malefesto is an eclectic collection of short stories in speculative fiction, science fiction and fantasy genres.


The Calumnist Malefesto and Other Improbable Yarns

What’s the Calumnist about?

The Calumnist Malefesto is an eclectic collection of twelve short stories. It offers a glimpse into important and universal themes in today’s culture. Excitedly telling the stories of a plethora of characters, the book uses an assortment of amusing stories to connect readers to the deeper underlying messages. While the stories’ characters are all different, they must all take steps to overcome their particular situations. Therefore, how they go about it will affect their realities forever.


The Calumnist Malefesto explores the universal themes of religious belief, love, acceptance, tolerance, hatred, and the nature of humanity. Employing science-fiction and semi-theological themes, these entertaining stories are conveyed with serious underlying messages. Many of these wonderful stories employ a lighthearted approach to soften the underlying dramatic nature of the messages. An excellent collection of stories that span a wide array of serious and insightful themes, this fantastic book will keep readers engrossed from the opening pages.

A Great Read

Truly offering something for everyone, The Calumnist Malefesto runs the gamut between science-fiction, fantasy-theological, as well as plain fictional works. With underlying themes that bind them together, the book’s varying genres add a priceless excitement and flexibility to the messages that it’s trying to convey. Written in an accessible manner that makes it an easy and enjoyable read, this enlightening collection of stories is perfect for readers from all walks of life. The author enjoys weird fiction, such as Robert Shearman‘s “Remember Why You Fear Me“, and therefore may be of interest to those who enjoy the Calumnist Malefesto.

As well, if you enjoy short fiction, you should also consider “Transcendence: A Guide To Human Thought“, Published by Trode Publications, and featuring authors from around the world.

Thoughtful and Inventive

Written to resonate with readers on many different levels, The Calumnist Malefesto offers multiple stories with deeper meanings. From freedom fighters to stranded extraterrestrials, this amazing collection offers something for everyone to enjoy. It explores the critical themes that affect us all. An excitingly eclectic mix of fiction, this wonderful collection will keep readers thinking long after the last page has turned.

ISBN: 978-1482333466

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