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What the critics are saying

Afterdeath is a Foreword Reviews book of the year Finalist for Young Adult Fiction.

What it’s about

Death is a country we see through the tiny keyhole of an immovable door. Raised by their grandmother after their parents’ death, Chloe and Olivia Borders are now in mourning for Rose. The Alzheimer’s that forced them to be split into separate foster homes has taken their last living family member. As a way to rekindle their friendship, the twins commit to a road trip— which spells their demise. Now the question is: What comes after, and how will they get back to life?

Navigating the Afterdeath

Who knew that the afterlife would be such a tough place to navigate? Certainly not the twins, and especially not so soon. There were no signs to portents, just a sheet of rain and a false move. What do you do when you’re in a strange country with no map, and no idea you’ve unwittingly been thrust into it? Survive the Afterdeath. Hard to do when you’re already dead, of course. Consequently, the Borders sisters may never escape, but that won’t stop them from trying.

Finally, they must traverse the various kingdoms of the Afterdeath, and escape the clutches of their rulers. Who, for some reason, have it in for the girls. Meanwhile, their travelling companions might not be all that they appear. The afterlife is a universe onto itself, with its own laws, joys and pitfalls. Perhaps they’ll find what they want, or perhaps something will find them. Exploring this universe brings forth nothing but dreams and a nightmare. Hopefully, they will be able to wake up!

If you’re a fan

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