Blue Node

Blue Node

What it’s about

In Blue Node, Tekla, a full-time bodyguard and part-time hacker, finds herself in possession of precious DNA. After a deadly drone attack destroys a nightclub while she protects her charge, she’s forced to decide between her loyalty to her mafia boss… and her own desire to survive.

After five year-old Sachiko mysteriously disappears from her home in the presence of her parents, Shinjuku swallows her whole. Soon, the world of virtual reality addicts tries to access the entity that always lived inside her head.

Genzo Ito, a private investigator, stumbles onto a sinister plot involving cryogenically frozen children and must battle the ruthless Yakuza in order to return her to her home.

Blue Node’s story so far

Blue Node takes place several months after the events of Red Nexus. On the surface, Vertical City Tokyo hasn’t changed. Within the confines of DaiSin and on the ‘Net, however, things brew. The escape of the entity drastically changed the dynamics at the mega-corporation, even if overtly, things must appear normal. Consequently, three strangers with no direct ties to Wen Harkwell OR DaiSin get pulled in by the inertiatic forces exerted by its presence. For that reason, a web not of their making draws them together. Consequently forcing them to make decisions that will further throw the Vertical City off-kilter. Ultimately, can balance be restored before the dark forces at play push the towering behemoth over?

From the sunny Heights to the stygian miasma of The Heap 450 levels below, Vertical City Tokyo in 2333 frightens by its lawlessness.

Blue Node fires dystopian cyber-punk on all cylinders.

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