Postcards From Impossible Worlds by Peter Chiykowski

Postcards from Impossible Worlds:

The Collected Short Stories, by Peter Chiykowski

Language: English

What are postcards from impossible worlds? Simply put, they are stories that fit on a piece of paper the size of a postcard, with a picture as background to enhance the story. That description, however, only an aesthetic of the thing.

The soul of The Postcards is in telling a story of the fantastic in a few simple lines, yes, but in such a way that it will stab straight at the core of what it is to be human, and askew. They are both terrifying and reassuring, funny and cynical, cautionary and post-apocalyptic. In another sense, they are short, sharp jabs to the emotions, each and every one of them, and they run the gamut.

Chiykowski is a master of the genre he has created. Having written one every other day for the past two years for his online fans, he has collected eighty-eight of these stories in a single volume, which he succesfully funded through Kickstarter within the first forty-eight hours.

There are even guest stories by the likes of Helen Marshall, Sandra Kasturi, Robert Shearman, Shawn Coss, James Mark Miller, Sonya Ballantyne and Jordan Shiveley. As well, thirteen of the stories within can be found online, narrated by Cecil Baldwin, he of Welcome to Nightvale fame.

Just to give you one example, this is the story Mirror Universe:

I found a portal to a

Universe where everything

Is backwards.

Televisions watch us.

Banks rob people.

Cops kill the innocent.

Wait, why am I

Telling you?

You live there.

Postcards from Impossible Worlds are a great way to spend thirty seconds reading and half an hour thinking. It also makes a great coffee table read. It is possible to read more at I invite you to do so.

Here is the link to read them online: The Shortest Story

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