Being Human pt. 9 (Efficiency of Positive Emotions)

One of the great quandaries I am posed with is efficiency. Not in the sense of ‘faster’, but in the sense of ‘kinder’. Every single person has their own version of ‘efficiency’. I am only presenting my version, for your consideration. In every aspect of Nature, the most efficient one will dominate and survive, in the niche which is its home.

The same can be said about humanity.

For example, when a new technology comes onto the market, it supplants the ones that came before it. Spoken word was replaced by print media, which was surpassed by the radio, which was killed by television, which is being destroyed by the internet. We live within systems that supplanted others through time. We started off as small tribes, incorporated bigger ones, founded Nations of like people, and now live in Countries populated by people of all ethnic backgrounds.

Through every process, we have adapted new methods to make interpersonal relationships as egalitarian as possible, so as to make societies as efficient (towards their own survival) as can be. Populations have to be stable within the borders of the country for them to thrive, and help it to prosper. The more internal division is created, and segments of the population left out, the less a country can work efficiently towards prosperity.

To create a prosperous nation, its people must care about the direction the Country is headed, and work hard for it to get there, as a whole. They cannot do so if they feel they are being abused or discriminated against. They cannot do so if they are unemployed or very poor. They cannot do so if the dominating emotions of its people are greed, fear and hatred. These are the dominant emotions of a paranoid, bigoted and ignorant Nation. Whenever you introduce one of these emotions into the National discourse, they become the dominant emotions, because negative emotions tend to be louder.

Anger screams, yet love whispers. Love is more powerful, but anger is more violent.

Only those whose agendas are selfish use them as tactics to divide their own countries to help themselves. A nation cannot stay great if there are those who would take all from their citizens. They are then, through their actions, the instigators of the destruction of their own States.

An ‘efficient’ Nation is one which is ruled by, kind, educated people, and by this I mean all its people, not only its ‘rulers’. The more people are educated, the clearer their choices are. The less they are educated, the more they are led and easily used. This is as true on a societal as a personal level.

You and I and society at large cannot function efficiently for the good of all when we do not have the information necessary to make important decisions. We cannot make efficient decisions if we are blinded by hatred, lack knowledge or are gripped with fear, on any level.

Think very hard about the way you wish to live, and what your dominant emotions are. As well, when you make any decision, remember than you are influencing the discourse for all around you. Your choice should reflect the good of the many, no matter how much you want it to be about you.

There are strong reasons why unselfish emotions were promulgated so much within religious groups. If this had not been done, there is no chance we could have lived so close to so many people without great injury or injustice to each other. It is the spread of these ideals that pacified many warring clans.

Ironically, they also created new tensions based on the origin of the decrees, but that is a matter of politics, not morals. The basis of our ethical behavior is in great part derived from the theistic decrees that came before them. Granted, these laws have restrained our freedoms to a certain point, but it has been done so for the benefit of the majority.

Who can honestly complain about the freedom of walking down the street without the constant threat of being killed for no reason whatsoever?

As world population grows, we will be faced with new challenges. One of the biggest involves the relatively unrestrained movement of people around the planet. How you and I live our ethical behavior in the face of so many contrary views will dictate how we will decrease the friction we create by merely existing. This requires looking beyond the physical aspects to deal with the mental aspect of human relations. The balancing act then created is one of accepting the inherent differences you have with others, while still retaining your knowledge of the mechanics of the Universe, and your opinions of them.

As no two people think exactly alike, it is presumptuous to believe that others will think the same way you do. This should not stop you from developing good relationships with others who think differently. In this case, the opponent is yourself, and you are going beyond pettiness and judgment to get to know a fellow human being. As I mentioned before, most people are good, and should be taken for that value first, and any others afterwards. Strangely, this is how most people act towards each other, naturally, in the first place. The divisions are generally created by the leaders of States, to promote themselves and their power first.

I think you remember my telling you that some people like to bash others to make themselves seem better? This is an often used propaganda tool to rile up entire populations. It does nothing, however, to decrease world tension. You will see for yourself, of course, what treating others fairly and honestly will do. These aren’t ‘tactics’, but methods for living healthier lives. The more you spread love, the more love will be spread by others. The opposite is also true. The more hatred you disseminate, the more it gets spread around.

The spread of hatred and fear are two of the most inefficient ways of making the world ‘work’ as a whole, even when we take into consideration that it is used in propaganda to manipulate populations, because it always has the potential of turning against their genitors. The spread of love is the most efficient way to build a better world, and is self-perpetuating.

2 thoughts on “Being Human pt. 9 (Efficiency of Positive Emotions)”

  1. Problem is where is the space for the under educated i.e. the high school dropout? Or the kids who do not fit into post secondary education. Or the new comers to Canada who have not been able to attend school.

    We are suppose to have more variety and possibilities for people to access education in our digital world. But there are still so many who cannot relate to a digital world. Where can they find a place to speak, learn and feel human.

    1. Efficiency is not only about technology; it’s about inclusion as well. The option should be there for all to attend school, of course, or to access technology that could help them learn. But the most important would be to not let anyone fall through the cracks. It is my belief that what we need first and foremost are compassion and inclusion, and then, if the people concerned are either inclined toward it or in need of it, training and education. There is no need, in my mind, to let those you mentioned go wanting. The space is either to be created, or there already. It’s just a question of connecting the right people together to get things done.

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