Interview with JuanBJuan Oliver


Interview with JuanBJuan Oliver


Today we’ll be interviewing the artist behind the amazing illustrations for “The Booger Hunter’s Apprentice”. His name is JuanBJuan Oliver, and he lives in Spain.

Hello Juan, how are you today?

J: Hello! I'm very good here... I love summer, but I miss the rain. How are you there?

I'm great, thank you! Where do you find your inspiration for your artwork?

J: Well, nothing comes from nothing, so I think it comes from multiple sources:
first, of course from nature (I'm a nature fan, plants, insects, geology... all around is wonderful), second the fantasy art already done by other people (movies, books, animation), and searching on paper for new things. White, empty paper inspires me a lot.




Who would you say was one of your major influences growing up?

J: Hmm... maybe Jim Henson movies and fantasy universes, that inspired me a lot to go on drawing and trying to create a bit of magic.

How many projects do you do in a year?

J: Well, it depends on the sources of work I have. I never say no to a serious project.

What’s your dream project?

J: As my great inspiration is Jim Henson's universe, maybe being part of a big fantasy project as illustrator or concept art designer. I should look more in that direction to make that a reality.


Artwork by JuanBJuan Oliver

What would your dream vacation be? Where would you go? What would you do?

J: I love trees and nature, and also wild natural environments. As an ecologist, I haven't had the opportunity to go to such places, but i would like to visit a very big and wild forest. Maybe stay in a hut for weeks, just listening to nature around me... snow, wind, animals, trees.

What do you think is very important for people today?

J: I guess to be happy as always... the point is what is making happy people nowadays... some are happy with family, others with work, maybe, and even people who look for happiness buying things. I think the global crisis made society realize they should be happy with little things again, and family... maybe I'm not realistic and the world didn't change.

What is the hardest part of your work?

J: Sometimes it's a bit hard to finish work on time because you need to stop what you are doing in spite of what are you feeling about the art. There are always ways to improve. Or don't sleep


Booger Hunter sketch

What is the funnest part of your work?

J: The part where I'm creating the characters, new environments. The initial part when nothing is clear and everything is possible.

What do you do to relax?

J: Drawing is very relaxing, but if the question is about what I do when i want to disconnect from the work... I walk or run near nature if possible, play video games, read some books or even dance!


The Booger Hunter's Apprentice_COVER6_web

At what point in your life did you know you would be an illustrator?

J: Well, I decided to dedicate my life to drawing or painting after taking a look at the market... at what a painter, comic drawer, etc., was supposed to be... I liked the idea of illustrating because it was a middle point of everything.

You recently worked on “The Booger Hunter’s Apprentice”. How did you feel about the story?

J: I love that story and the book!!! I would like to make more books from that story, longer adventures. I loved the feeling from the story and when I merged myself into the world it was amazing to travel with the characters. It's always a bit sad to tell them goodbye.


Thank you very much for answering these questions. Keep up the wonderful work!


If you're interested in JuanbJuan Oliver's work, click the link to be taken to his page.

To purchase a copy of the Booger Hunter's Apprentice:

Amazon Canada

United States:

And for the French version of the book,

L'Apprenti Chasseuse de Crottes de Nez


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