NEW Trode Publications

Welcome! First of all, to what is shaping up to be something nice. Phew! Third iteration of this website. Think we’re getting the hang of it now. Trode Publications 3.0 is looking pretty sweet, I have to say. What can you expect? Well, I do love to post stories, and some deeper thoughts as to the nature of humanity, sprinkled with humor whenever I can. I’ll try to keep the cynicism to a minimum, but we live in strange times, and we all have our survival mechanisms, don’t we? I’ll probably post some shout-outs to artist and author friends as well, so do expect some cross-pollination. We have to help each other out however we can, right? Right. So, for now, welcome to the web site. Take a look around. There isn’t much, I know, but I’m working on it to add something nice every week at least.


Benoit Chartier

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